Friday, July 29, 2011

Lego Star Wars: Battle of Endor

So my main gift for my recent birthday from my wife and daughter was a Lego Star Wars: Battle of Endor set. This is an older set that can still be purchased online but does not show up in stores even Lego Stores much. They might phase it out completely after christmas which is a shame since it is a fun set if expensive as all Lego Star Wars is now.

Here is the set assembled. Multiple smaller objects so this post is picture heavy.

First we have the Rebels and their Ewok Friends. You get a Leia, Han, Chewie, R2-D2, 2 Rebel troopers, and 3 ewoks. Since I stick to mainly OT sets I have several of the main characters in different outfits.

Here is the Ewok catapult. It works much better than flick fire missiles and I can get the lego stone to go several feet. Not fast enough to hurt anyone but pretty good.

You also get a little glider which mounts onto a flying stand attached to the Ewok. It also has a rock dropping mechanism in the back.

The set also comes with 3 imperial guys. They are pretty outnumbered in this battle which is ofcourse the exact opposite of the true situation. While I have a few Snow Troopers from recent Hoth sets and battlepacks my normal stromtrooper ranks are pretty empty.

Here is the AT-ST from the set. It has a swivel mount for the top and the weapons have tilt adjustments. Cockpit opens to seat 1 minifigure.

You might remember my Easter message which showed my mini scale AT-ST which has articulating legs. Well my daughter tried to do that to these legs but luckily I stopped here before she broke anything since the legs are pretty rigid except where they attach to the chasis.

The little knob on the back allows you to swing the legs back and forth but it comes no where near walking but it will stand on its own pretty well.

The largest part of the kit is the bunker. I already had a bunker which I had picked up on bricklink mainly for spare parts in the Star Wars color scheme of grays. The front door of the bunker opens.

The two black knobs control the doors.

Here is the inside with the power generators.

The outer walls fold out. I am thinking of using my spare parts to expand the bunker some. I am not sure if I would extend it or make it wider.

The bunker has a play feature where parts fly out as it explodes.

What fun is having a OT Star Wars Lego set without staging some classic moments.

I believe he is doing something a little rash.

And here is the second " I Love You" "I know" Scene.

I like this set for my collection and play with my daughter. I will get the new Ewok set to go with it later this year and might look to get some brown and green bricks to set up the hill this bunker entrance is built into.

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  1. Those jungle troopers are highly sought after, nice score and happy birthday. Oddly enough I have my "what the fam gave me in Lego for my birthday" post for tomorrow. There must be some kind of support network for spouses of us gaming-inclined individuals. You take the cake for well written and thorough Lego set review as well, if I had one of those internet trophies I'd give it to you.