Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blood Bowl Nurgle Team

So today we look at my Blood Bowl Nurgle Chaos Team. Like essentially all of my teams this one is unpainted. For a long time there was a significant difference in what GW store said was a Nurgle Team and what the rules said the team was. The store sold a team based on earlier rules which was just a nurglized chaos team with rotters being very similar to chaos warriors and the remainder of the team being either normal or nurgle beastmen. The box set then had like 4 rotters, 4 chaos beastmen, and 4 nurgle beastmen while the rules had moved to make rotters more like zombies, added nurgle chaos warriors, and pesitgor beastmen in 8 rotters, 4 chaos warriors, 4 pestigors in a 16 man roster. GW has now added a proper team box to their website but I fear that new players would be confused. You want to buy the Nurgle Team not the Nurgle Rotters.

Back like 5-6 year ago GW had a offer with White Dwarf was that they would send you a random gift if you got a subscription worth like 15-20 dollars. You got to list your armies. As a specialist games player I said Blood Bowl and specialist games and might have listed Nurgle as a team I was interested in hoping to get some blisters.

I picked up the old style team box on ebay since it was before the new one was introduced. My mail man delivered it to someone else and I had to go complain at the post office. Luckily, this item is not something many people would want and he was able to recover it from the incorrect address he delivered it to. I built up the rotters and chaos warriors various ways to get a good team and then GW finally like 6-8 months after my white dwarf subscription shipped me a whole Nurgle Rotters team and a random inquisitor figure. Ofcourse I have no real use for this box since it is not a usable team and I am already set so it just sits their in my blood bowl box waiting for a trade or something. So if anyone out their needs some rotters, chaos beastmen, or nurgle beastmen and have something to offer in trade(Blood Bowl or Epic are my current interests if you have not noticed) drop a comment. Ok onto the minis.

Here are the 3 rotter minis which you generally will field 7 of total in your roster. Rotters are cheap and can be injury significantly with the decay rule but you can get new ones by killing opponents normal strength non stunty players.

Two Pestigor models where you need 4 for you team. These are you work horse ball carriers and scorers due to their speed compared to the rest of the team.

Chaos Warriors which you nurglize with paint job. Here are two of the three models available. I have all three variations in my chaos team.

Nurgle also gets a big guy. I have 2 choices for my Beast of Nurgle since I built up the team before the chaos daemons codex came out. When the Beats of Nurgle was redesigned I got one for the team.

This model is a monster to assemble. Only GW bister model where I go back to the pictures online to figure out how it went together.

Back side needs some green stuff love and a base.

Before I got the beast of nurgle I used a Chaos Spawn instead.

Pretty standard build except I added the mouth to the chest and green stuffed over the joint.

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