Friday, July 22, 2011

Lego Star Wars A-Wings

If you are like me you grew up watching the Star Wars movies and they put a hold in you that never really lets go. I then played the classic X-wing series of games on the PC which were great fun with a multitude of ships in the star wars universe both on the Rebel and Imperial sides. My favorite ship was always the A-Wing. Fast and Agile, it could outfly any other ship. So when I started getting Lego Star Wars stuff the first thing I wanted was an A-Wing.

My fleet now has two A-wings. Red and Green so Christmas as we used to say about our chilis in New Mexico.

Models look fairly close to the studio model for Lego versions. Only issues would be that the stabilizer wings are a little thick and not angled.

The Green A-wing is from the Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser set. It has the cursed flick fire missiles mounted where the laser cannons are and a removable engine.

One thing I do not like about this ship is that it has a death star trench on the computer screen. No A-Wings at the Battle of Yavin and at the Battle of Endor they did not attack down the trench.

Here we see the red awing which was sold with a little maintenance/ladder sled. It has a removable container for supplies in the back. I think the cannons are not as nice as the green a-wing but it does have a star destroyer bridge in the targeting computer.

Pilots are the same except for the visor colors.

Lego has an older A-wing design but I think these are closer to studio model.

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  1. A-Wings were always a favorite of mine too, both in the movies and in all the X-Wing series of PC games. (I'd love for them to be updated and re-released...)

    And P.S., I was never a fan of chili, so living in New Mexico stunk whenever I went to a restaurant. No matter what I ordered, I was always asked which kind of chili I wanted on it: red or green... That said, living in NM was great in every other respect.