Thursday, July 21, 2011


I finally picked up a copy of Halo ODST a month or two ago and I finished it a couple of days ago. It is a fine game for me at the 20 dollar price point. I have already played through all of Reach and expected a slightly different game since I was not a Spartan but the game play was pretty similar. The game does have you switch from one member of a team to another as you play through the story in a nonlinear way but it is usually just you verses a ton of enemies just like in other Halo games. I would have like a little more of the action to be with other grunts even if it is scripted stuff on the side or more rifleman covering you. They throw in some vehicle stuff like all the Halo games. A good part of the game happens at night but you have a HUD system which must be come type of radar which picks up edges for you and show you visible enemies.

I have noticed that what I look for in a game has changed in recent years now that I have much less free time with 1 daughter turning 5 and a boy on the way next week. I used to like some of the tense and tactical shooters like Brothers in Arms and Rainbow Six but now I need a little more mindless fare so that I do not get stressed playing in those few hours I get every couple of weeks. I know that an update of the original Halo is coming and I will see how much they want for it before I get it. If they are expecting 60 dollars they will not get it from me. I have not spent that much on a game in years. I am so behind the times that I am just now trying Gears 2 only a few months before the sequel and might get CoD MW 2 sometime later this year.

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