Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blood Bowl: Human Marauders Team

Here is the old GW human team sculpted at the dawn of 3rd edition of Blood Bowl. They have a newer team which is better sculpts but since I never play humans really I have not picked it up yet.

Here are the actual box contents: One Thrower, Two Catchers, Three Blitzers, and Six Lineman.

Two sculpts for the catchers. Human catchers have the problem of being Str 2 but still only AG 3 so are a pretty weak link on the team so while a full roster can have 4 most players probably only field 2-3.

Three different blitzers. You are allowed 4 which you will want so you will have a double.

Three lineman also with probably like 7 on the team so every one will be doubled up at least once.

Only one thrower sculpt. I added one booster pack to this team which was 1 of each position which fills out the roster pretty well giving you 16 players at 2 throwers, 3 catchers, 4 blitzers, and 7 lineman.

I also have an older Mighty Zug model. He is just a thick human here. The new version is is almost Ogre sized.  Zug has been an active star player for almost 25 years but back when he was on the Reikland Reavers he wore a normal uniform.

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  1. I've never had any real luck with Humans. Played a team up to about 1,850 before shelving it and have played a few since. I'm giving them another go again but going to focus on the running game so my starting roster has no catchers. I'll probably snag a few later but they'll be more for those times you only have a few turns left and need to score situations.

    Nothing wrong with Humans, it's just me. I tend to play better with bashy teams and teams that are focused/specialized.