Saturday, September 3, 2011

Up on the Barter Bucket

I am looking for stuff on the Santa Cruz Warhammer Barter Bucket Again. I am essentially always looking for Blood Bowl and Epic stuff so if you have any unused and unwanted let me know. In Blood Bowl I am looking for second edition chaos players specifically the guy with the tentacle or the basic chaos players and a 2nd edition troll. Epic stuff, I am always on the look out for squat and eldar stuff to help flesh out those growing armies.

What do I have to offer?

Available for trade:
  • Blood Bowl Nurgle's Rotter Team (NIB)
  • Blood Bowl Individuals: Chaos Beastmen, Nurgle Beastmen, Nurgle Rotter, Khemri Mummies, Khemri Skeletons, High Elf Linemen, High Elf Blitzers
  • Blood Bowl 2ed Miniatures: *Lots* Just ask about what you are looking for.
  • assorted Space Marine Bits (Plain, Black Templars, Dark Angels, older SW, and Chaos Marine backpacks)
  • Assault on Black Reach Orcs(2 Sets)
  • WHFB Battle for Skull Pass (Whole Set): Most Models Primed Black
  • WHFB Orcs and Goblin Army Book
  • Dwarves Army Book
  • assorted Metal WHFB Minis (year on model) as follows:
  • x2 Witch Elves ('99, '00)
  • x2 Metal Goblin Fanatics ('91)
  • Dwarf Rune Priest ('96)
  • Dwarf Engineer ('05)
  • Troll Slayer Banner ('96)
  • Troll Slayer Musician ('96)
  • Troll Slayer Daemon Slayer ('96)
  • x8 Troll Slayers
  • Dwarf Character: The White Dwarf ('96)
  • Deathwing assault cannon
  • Terminator heavy flamer
  • SM meltaguns
  • Ravenwing TL assault cannons
Pics of some of the stuff:

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