Friday, August 12, 2011

Lego Star Wars: B-Wing Starfighter

Here is my latest edition of the Lego Star Wars collection: B-Wing Starfighter. The b-wing was the heaviest armed of the rebel alliance star fighter designed to attacking larger targets like capital ships and installations as opposed to dog fighting with tie fighters.

This is a pretty cool set that comes as the fighter plus a maintenance deck which functions as a stand. I got it used on ebay missing a few not unique pieces which I filled in through bricklink to get a complete assembled ship.

Here are the two mini-figures. First is the generic b-wing pilot and the next in Ten Numb, the sullustan b-wing pilot. Both figures are technically unique to this set with the b-wing pilot being the same as the one in an earlier b-wing design but with the current flesh color compared to the older yellow head.

The ship can also lay on its side if you do not want to stand it up.

When swooshing the ship you clearly want the s-foils in attack position.

Here we see the back of the ship. My b-wing does not have many of the decorative stickers attached but that is fine with me.

The b-wing does not have any flick fire missiles but does have some rubber band power projectiles which are the little black globes in the engine input ducts. Mine do not do much when trying to fire them which might be the result of the bands being stretched out in the 4 years since this kit came out.

The base has holders for the missiles which is probably a better place for them since they just fall out of the ship otherwise. I did not take any good pictures of the base just a couple of the back side. Looks like a brick has fallen off so I will have to get one out of the parts bin to fix that. The set also comes with tools to repair ships which might make a nice addition to my home one hanger.

The ship has one other interesting play feature which goes back to the fluff for the ship.

The cockpit can have a fixed reference plane which the rest of the ship moves around it.


  1. Very cool. I always thought that the rotating cockpit was cool...but then the engineer in me comes out and thinks, "In space why would you need that?"

  2. Love the video, I always liked the B-Wing, it was a funky design. I think they had two versions, because mine didn't come with the cool alien pilot.

  3. There was an earlier simpler design for the B-wing that came with a repair tech and a white/blue repair dock. That one has much straighter lines and not all the curved pieces of this later one. Most of the fighter have go through multiple versions in the 12 years of lego star wars. The y-wing has 3 versions one which is really simple, another one that is pretty good for a toy, and ultimate collectors series one that is like 1500 pieces and just great looking but current like 300 dollars if you want one on ebay compared to the 30 or so for the good but still toy one.