Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blood Bowl Vampire Team

Here is the Games Workshop Blood Bowl Vampire Team box contents. The team comes with 4 vampires and 8 thralls. This team actually has a booster pack with 2 vampires and 2 thralls to get the team all the way up to 16 players.

Here are the 4 vampire sculpts with 1 vampire lord type, 2 male vampires and 1 female vampire. There is no game difference between these types in the game.

Four different thrall models which is pretty weak since you can have 10 of them in the full roster. They are also very flat and thin.

And what vampire team would be complete without the Count. Ofcourse this model from the dawn of 3rd edition does not really match this team.

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  1. My last couple of matches were against a Vampire team, it seems like a pretty cool team. My opponent used plastic human linemen as Thralls and Reaper vampires, all painted it looked pretty good. I suggested something like villager peasants for future Thralls, sans pitchforks and torches of course.