Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blood Bowl: 3rd Edition Big Guys

Here we have some of my big guys/star players for my 3rd edition teams. We have Ripper. He is my only blood bowl troll so I while I have all the models which make up a goblin team I would not field it since I have but one troll for the roster. I will have to pick up the newer troll sometime to complete the team.

Here we have the bull centaur from those evil dwarves of the stupid hats. Only GW chaos dwarf model I have.
The death roller which is more of a secret weapon than a big guy. The new model is much more characterful but I think it might be to big to actually use. It is also pretty pricey.

Here is Deeproot the treeman who could be used on a halfling or wood elf team. Just like the goblins I only have 1 treeman for the halfling who usually field 3 including the star players so they are not really a team for the pitch.

Here is the Minotaur. I had this in another post with a second edition one but wanted to get it into this page also.

 And here we have the ogre star player, Morg 'n' Thorg.


  1. That Treeman is too cool for words! There's something about these older sculpts that just have more soul than the newer ones, especially with the Troll.

  2. The second edition trolls are better than Ripper or the current troll.

    This is the same treeman that they sell right now. The 2nd edition treemen I think look a little strange with a log with a face wearing a traditional football helmet.