Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Retro Lead: Classic Ral Partha Figures

So today we have a look at my collection of lead fantasy figures from the eighties. Most of these are probably Ral Partha but not all.

Elven Archers

2 Paladins, Classic Mage, and Barbarian.
Couple Models with weapons and shields.
Fighter as he advances through the levels.

Dwarf and Elf
Now the baddies: Kobolds

Assorted Villians

Different Style Orcs

More Heroes including a bard and ninja. I need to get this post organized.

Another Style of Orcs

Minotaur and Damaged Undead

Big Ettin and Ogre Magi

Owl Beaf and Umbra Hulk.


Not a lot a details but definately some memories in those minis of year of rpg games as a kid.


  1. Ah, the memories. Old D&D minis and the smell of Testor's brush cleaner...

  2. As you can see not painted just like the 40k, blood bowl, and epic stuff.

    I am pretty sure some of these came out of a big bin of loose miniatures that the Alcove (Royal Oak) had up near register.