Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Lego Collectable Minifigures

So here is a wide shot of the family's Collectable Lego Minifigure Collection. First 2 rows are the current series 5 while the back are from series 4. My daughter and I share these but they stay with the assorted Lego collection in her room instead of the Star Wars stuff in the basement.

I really like the magnifying glass on the detective. The plastic is pretty clear and has about an inch focal length. The monkey with the zoo keeper is not a bad little guy either.

The gangsters case opens up to hold his pistol.

I still think the gladiator is the best of the 5th series. We have the rest of the 5th series still in their packaging that I am using a rewards for my daughter to help her with slight behavior issues arising from the new baby and starting kindergarten. Nothing major just not listening and following directions in a prompt manner.

Here is some of our series 4 figures. The gnome, musketeer, and radiator suit were all picked up at Borders clearance sales.

Figure skater I picked up on ebay when I got the wolfman instead while trying to feel packages. I have gotten a lot better at examining the figures but I find it helpful to do it alone so I do not have to worry about family members being bored. Patience is key as the more you feel the better you will figure out what is what.

Series 5 appears to be selling pretty well by me where one of the target has sold out at least its first 2 shipments.

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