Friday, October 21, 2011

Still Looking For Old Blood Bowl Minis

Do you have any unused Blood Bowl minis in the closet. I am looking for a couple random minis to fill some gaps.

Here is the list of second edition minis I am looking for:

Dark Elf Kicker 2
Dwarf Kicker 3
Human: Blitzer 1, Thrower 1, Kicker 1, Kicker 2 (Interested in other blitzer and catchers)
Orc: Blocker 1, Thrower 1
Most Big Guys

Here are some pics to help people out who do not collect such minis:

What do I have to offer in exchange other than different Blood Bowl Minis(Beastmen, Khemri, Nurgle Rotters Box):

What nice space marine bits do I have:
Scout Bike; 3 Bikes with Metal driver bits; Apothecary Head, Arm, Backpack, and shoulder pad; Space Infantry Heavy Weapons: Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon, 2 Missile Launchers; Scout Heavy Weapons: Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolters; Assault Weapons: 5 Meltaguns, Plasmaguns, Flamers; Terminator Heavy Weapons: Assault Cannon(DA), Heavy Flamer; Collection of Black Templar, Dark Angel, and Old space wolves bits.

Some Pics in my Garage sale stuff:

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