Friday, November 18, 2011

Additional 2nd Edition Blood Bowl Chaos Players

I recently acquired the remaining chaos players for my 2nd Edition Chaos pact team. Here are the two normal chaos players. Almost all the 2ed chaos players were named stars but these 2 were the generic ones.  Most of the star players who are not mutants are highly armored like the 3rd edition chaos warriors but these guys are definitely more along the lighter armor for the chaos pact.

These are the other two chaos players I was missing. Lewdgrip Whiparm and the Chaos Chainsaw looney. Love this Chainsaw guy. Not a real fan of them on the pitch as they seem pretty easy to bring down if they do not break armor in an attack but they look pretty crazy.

I might have some spare 2nd edition blood bowl chaos players for sale in my Bargain Bin.


  1. Some lovely minis you've got there!
    I've recently finished painting a converted chaos team (all from plastic bit, with some green stuff ), and while I really like the end result, a team made entirely of 2nd Ed. models is something else entirely!
    Good stuff, congrats!

    1. These minis cost a pretty penny as I had to buy a whole grouping to get them but I managed to sell of most of the other ones through my bargain bin. No profit but made the remaining ones at least reasonable for 20 year old minis.