Monday, November 21, 2011

Why are you selling your treasures?

That is what my wife asked me yesterday as I packed up a small package going out from Eriochromes Bargain Bin. I told here that this package contained unbuilt models purchased like 2 years ago back when I planned on starting a whole new themed army. I also told her it would cost about 500 dollars to build that army to the proper level.

I also noted that I really did not need another whole army as I have 2 that do not get played much. I cannot collect every GW game or product. I have to be selective. I have more than enough 40K stuff(8K of Marines plus 2K Nids) to have some fun games. I like the models and might buy a few new specific ones to supplement my forces at some time in the future (Landspeeder Storm I am looking at you) but do not need a whole different army.

I have also got back to trying to fill in some holes in the Blood Bowl stuff which should be showing up on the blog soon. 20+ year old minis can be expensive (but strangely not really more than GW charges for the current blood bowl minis).


  1. You know it's the right thing to do. Selling something you have years of attachment to is a folly; selling something you've bought and never built or used or developed an attachment to is simply recovery of assets.

  2. ...:( don't say that! I have soooo many Harlequins that still reside in blister