Monday, February 13, 2012

Lego Lord of the Rings Set Images

Lego this year decided to discontinue the Kingdoms line with only a single exclusive release of a large jousting set. In its place they have the licensed Lord of the Rings series which is starting this summer with seven releases ranging in price from 12.99 to like 129.99. Lots of the new minifigures and printed elements along. From Bricks to Bothans has posted tons of images of the new Lord of the Ring Lego sets taken at the NY Toy Fair:

Orc Forge: Probably a Pass
Battle of Helms Deep: Playset version of Fortress. Should be bigger.
Mines of Moria: Balin's Tomb
Attack on Weathertop: Ring Wraiths
Uruk-hai Army: Add on Battle Pack for Helms Deep Set.
Shelob Attacks: Only Set with Ghollum
Gandalf Arrives: Might be only set with Gandalf.

We managed to get all 4 sets from last years Kingdom line on sale but we will see how many of these force me to take out my wallet.


  1. Awesome. My daughter is just getting to the age where she can start playing with legos, and I've been agonizing over what sets to start collecting (other than generic). I was torn between Star Wars and Kingdoms...but now that I know that Kingdoms is going the way of the dinosaur, my choice becomes easier... Because it's being replaced with Lord of the Rings! Woohoo!

    1. One of the things my wife noticed was that there is not a single female minifigure in the line yet. While LOTR does not have very many major female characters compared to males the ones it does Eowin, Arwin, and the Lady of the Woods stand on pretty well on skill and abilities. Hopefully we will see them in future releases. This compares to the current Joust set that has a Queen and Princess to watch the events.

      Another issue compared to Kingdoms is that the License sets all come with a price premium which hurts the number of parts for the creative building part. I am always keeping my eye out for clearence sets from all the lines to get more free bricks to build new things.

      I generally keep my Star Wars Ships assembled but the more playset style ones (Home One and Endor Buner) get taken
      apart for parts for other Star Wars Builds.

      My daughter gets Kingdom, Winter Village, plus random sets that have interesting female mini-figures.