Monday, January 23, 2012

Lego Star Wars: Death Star Planet Series

So this weekend the new Lego Star Wars sets showed up at my local store. Lego has released some large Death Star sets in the past but those are out of my budget so I got the new Star Wars Planet Series Death Star. Above is the front of the package.

The back of the package shows the contents a little better and also the two other sets from this first release. Neither of those sets interest me as a OT guy but a tiny Death Star is perfect. The set has the Deathstar Orb, Tie Fighter Pilot Minifigure, and Mini Tie Interceptor model. Of course that is a strange combination since this is clearly the completed first Death Star and the Tie Interceptor did not appear until the construction of the second Death Star in the movies.

When you open the box you find the directions and the plastic sphere for the Deathstar with some texturing on the surface.

The parts are all hidden on the inside the Orb.

Here is the front of the Tie Interceptor. Pretty simple model but I like the inclusion of the printed cockpit front. I have a Mini Tie Fighter that I got in a polybag last year that just had a clear piece without the printing for the cockpit. 

Wings are simple and continue with the Binoculars as weapons on small scale sets.

The set comes with a little display stand with a swivel mount for the fighter and printed plate detailing what is in the set.

Here is the Tie Fighter Pilot. Pretty Standard minifigure except for one thing:

He has a face. My other Tie Pilot from Tie Defender Set has a solid black piece for a head but this guy has a face. I wonder if the Pilot in the new Minifigure Scale Tie Fighter has a face.

Here are the whole contents together. This set runs 10 dollars which is not to bad as the polybag Star Wars sets like the fighter are like 4 now and minifigures run like 3 so the big globe is running like the remaining 3. You can watch for a sale but honestly since the set is only 10 dollars that will only save like a dollar or two which makes it not worth the time to go get just this as part of a sale. Ofcourse if you just happen into on sale that would be great.

I wanted to get some more of the new sets since they are mostly OT sets but with the prices I will be looking for sales with 55 for the new Tie Fighter, 60 for the X-Wing. My daughter has an X-wing so this is one I might pass on since the new one is pretty similar. Maybe a little nicer but 60 dollars might be saved for the Summer sets with rumors of Return of the Jedi Jabba Sets.

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  1. Didn't know they were doing these, what a neat concept, I'll have to pick them up for sure.

    The near-maniacal TIE pilot face is awesome, haha.