Friday, August 24, 2012

Dark Vengeance vs Reaper Bones Kickstarter

So GW has officially announced its new 6th ed starter set as Dark Vengeance.  Contents are similar in numbers and unit types as the last starter set just with the bikes and dreadnought switching side with each other from good to evil.  That starter set was 60 dollars initially this one is 100.  I have to say that the minis are very nice but I have no interest in starting a chaos army and I play a custom faction of space marines that really does not need any reinforcements.  Also what makes the units so nice looking is all the detailing which will make them out of place compared to most of my other marines.

At 60 then discount I would have still bought it and tried to trade or sell the chaos (I still have a set of Black Reach Orks over in the Bargain Bin) but not at 100.  Not when Reaper is running a kick starter right now with a huge range of different miniatures for 100 dollars.  As of now it is 225 minis and is likely to get up to 229 or maybe even more.  Now I am under no illusion that these minis will be of the same quality as the GW hard plastic ones but the variety certainly is interesting.  Lots of Fantasy but some scifi and horror also.   Will I be able to paint or use that many no but also my kids can play with them (once the baby is a little older) without me worrying that they will damage them.  Train the kids painting these before letting them into the Blood Bowl or Chainmail collections.

Ofcourse the Reaper minis will probably not show up until well into the next year but a fully loaded Blood Bowl team will run you about 100 dollars now for like 17 minis (50 dollars team, 20 booster, 25 big guy.)  Still need 3 mores of those for the collection from the current line but this deal looks to good to pass up. 


  1. Sitting around the game table tonight we came to the same conclusion, "this deal looks to good to pass up".

    They're basically giving away the models to everyone who chips in for the longer term benefit of moving the tooling operations from overseas to Texas.

    Do you like minis? Do you paint minis? It's kind of a no-brainer (barring obvious finances). And really, these are some of the same sculpts as their metal counterparts on my shelf already, they're good figs to be sure.

  2. Looks like they have finally tapped out on more minis since the next stretch goal is a pdf of a novel. but that is at 3M. Might make it as it is only another 160K and they are moving at couple of hundred a minute. I will probably go buy in now.

  3. The last two unlocks were pretty epic. I ended up spending $100+ on the optional monsters alone.