Monday, September 3, 2012

Paint Maintenance

The other day I was moving some stuff around on the basement and had my paint container out (I use a 12*12 scrapbook paper storage bin).  I shook some of the paints and found that they did not sound very liquidy.  So today my daughter and I took them out and add a little water, remixed them with tooth picks, and did some serious shaking (or dancing while holding paint as the case my be).  I then bagged them and put them away in the hopes of getting to use them again in the new year when my household project is finished.  Anyone else have anything they do to keep their paints good as opposed to use them in a timely fashion.


  1. I've done exactly what you just described here and it worked wonderfully. Some I've had were so dried up I just tossed them. Mind you, I have some of the *old* Citadel flip top paints and they are absolute magic; literally going on 22 years later and they're still a velvety liquid.

  2. Wondering why you bothered? ;) :P

    Hehe j/k

    1. Why I bothered to buy the paint is certainly a question? But since I have already payed for it might as well keep it reasonable for when we do start painting around here.

  3. I bought a hobby paint shaker (brand name Robart) at the local model store. a little water and 2 minutes in the shaker rescues paints like nothing I've tried. Other than that, I do nothing to lengthen their life other than put them in dropper bottles, which seems to work well. Maybe it's the seal on the lid or the surface area of the paint exposed to air in the dropper bottles but they just seem to keep longer than flip tops (in my experience anyway.)