Friday, September 28, 2012

Generic Fantasy Skirmish Game?

Anyone out there know a good generic fantasy skirmish game?

I wonder since we have like 20,000 people out there due to get hundreds of generally fantasy miniatures next March.  These miniatures are not organized correctly for a battle game but a skirimish game has plenty of options for factions: Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Goblinoids, Undead, and Demons all seem represented on a level where 5-10 model warbands could be assembled using the standard models plus some of the options.   Also since the models will be Bones at the end even if people missed them they can pick them at low cost compared to metal models now.

Now these factions match reasonably well with those in the WOTC Chainmail game which I am a fan of but what other options are there.  Some of the Chainmail rules and unproduced mini stat cards are available for download.  Anyone know if the D20 license is still out there?

Mordenheim is a classic GW fantasy skirmish game.  It has some continuing popularity in the specialist games line but I have never tried it.  Rules are a free download so that is good.  Anyone have an idea how the reaper miniatures would map onto this game?

Other suggestions of games or somebody already working on this in the Blogosphere or even Reaper?  I am already involved in The M42 Project for game development so not sure if I could take on a project like this right now.


  1. you could try Song of Blades & Heroes - check it out at my buddy Sams blog;

    or I think there's another called Hordes of the Things - check it out at Miks blog;

  2. Horde of Things as shown by Mik seems to be 6 mm.

  3. Reaper appears to have a Warlord game with a rulebook at 35 dollars. Now a pdf of that would have been a good bonus.

  4. Hordes of the Things scales up to 28mm quite nicely. There's a conversion chart in there for measurements &c. by scale. However, it's not what I'd call a skirmish game, far from it.

    I recommend Skulldred. It's still in beta at the moment, but developer Dave King's pretty open to having playtesters join up, and it's designed to be wide open to whatever ranges you want to try.

    Song of Blades and Heroes seems pretty popular if you want something that's actually in print at present, too.

  5. Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies, currently being written by Andy Hoare, would be worth a look too, I know he's looking for people to test the ruleset.

  6. I second Get the Girl and Kill the baddies,


  7. I have 'Get the Girl' but it's still being playtested and we haven't properly given it a go.

    Hordes of the Things is dead easy and straight forward, but so abstract it may not fully capture the fantasy meat of it.

    Having played a LOT of Song of Blades and Heroes however, I can heartily endorse that one. Tons of fun, great rules, flexible.

    In a sci-fi setting I've been tinkering around with the one-page FUBAR rules, and I see they also have a fantasy/medieval version as well. Might be worth checking out.

    1. As a footnote, HotT can really be in any scale, and I've seen 28mm done quite often. I chose 6mm because I wanted a "huge" army without breaking the bank! It's the difference between having x20 archers on a base in 6mm, or maybe x5 archers on a base in 28mm.