Monday, October 1, 2012

Reaper Kick Starter Order Locked In

I locked in my Reaper Bones Kickstarter order today.  I was pleasantly surprised with the credit value for the metal Sophie on bike which allowed me along with my initial pledge to get most of what I wanted from the options section without me throwing down more cash now.  Looking at it in the skirmish idea, I was able to add some big models to most of the obvious groups.  Now the long wait till March or I am guessing later.  By then I might have forgotten what I asked for so it will be like a surprise.

What did everyone select?


  1. Good idea, I just posted mine over on the blog.
    Vampire pledge level x1 $100
    W/ Options
    -- Figure Case x1 $25
    -- Red Dragon x1 $10
    -- Hydra x1 $15
    -- C'thulhu x1 $10
    -- Undead Giant x1 $10
    -- Mythos Monsters x1 $10
    What were yours?

  2. Was there a deadline? I haven't selected yet!

    I was going to get Cthuhlu (sp) off the bat and some more giants, though I forget their flavor. The Pathfinder dragon is really sweet too.

    1. They said 10 days but I would try to get it done before friday which would be 1 week.

    2. Thanks for helping get my initiative going. Just locked everything in. It was a good chunk of change in the pledge alone so I made a point to only use my Sophie trade-in and ended up with:

      -Red Dragon

      I went with the Golems selection thinking they could be used for a variety of stuff from fantasy to sci-fi and even superheroes.

  3. -- Vampire x1
    -- Fire Giants x1
    -- Ebonwrath x1
    -- Demons x1
    -- Undead Giant x1
    -- Clockwork Dragon x1
    -- Red Dragon x1
    -- Spider Centaurs x1
    -- Forces Of Nature x1
    -- Frost Wyrm x1
    -- Kaladrax Reborn x1
    -- Mind Your Manors x1