Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reaper Bones Images

This is a picture heavy post showing off the Reaper Bones Miniatures that I got for Christmas as a sort of example for my real present which was the kickstarter.  So I got 11 minis shipped for about 27 dollars.  They are not probably finecast level of detail but 11 finecast models in these sizes would probably run like 200 dollars.

Here we have a size comparison against a standard GW Black Reach Sergeant marine.  You can see the knight is smaller than the marine but the Bugbear is larger and probably more terminator size.

Detail on the knight is pretty good.  Sword is slightly bent.

Backside of the knight.  Lots of chain.

Here is a dwarf.  I think that his head is very big which makes the scaling vs the knight sort of strange but GW has these problems also.

Here is a minotaur.  This a multiple piece model that they have already assembled before shipping.

This guy must lift weights.

The detail on the ogre's belt is sort of weak.  Not really clear that this is a mammoth.

Werewolf Face.

He might want to shave that back.

Bugbear has fair facial details seen here.

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  1. As I'm reading through your post I'm asking myself why, why did I buy all of those minis. I'll never paint them in a million years.

    Thanks for the detailed pics though!