Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reaper Bones First Impressions

I got a pack of reaper bones minis for christmas as a preview of my real present which was their kickstarter package.  I got most of the models available as individuals getting 11 models shipped for like 27 dollars so about 2.50 each.  Most of the models are man sized or larger so if you are comparing to Games Workshop finecast you would be at the 17.50-20.00 dollar price point.  The pricing is lower than the Wizards of the Coast Chainmail mini line from the early 2000's which were generall 4-6 dollars for minis these sizes.

Some of the minis are multiple part but they are already assembled which I would say is a slight negative.  I can see some shiny spots where glue has leaked out of the joints which may cause issues in painting.  Also some people like to paint parts separately then assemble them after to get best access to certain areas.

In terms of detail level I do not have any finecast to compare them to.  The plastic is much softer than Games Workshop plastic kit miniatures.  It may even be softer than that used for the prepainted minis in the recent D&D miniature games.  I have some unpainted ones of those from the cooperative games and I would say the details on the bones appear as good or better than the good models I have from the Legend of Drizzt game whose models looked better to me than those in the Ravenloft or Asheradolon game.  Ofcourse all these comparisons are tough since it depends on the sculpt and personal opinion.  For me they appear quite reasonable for the cost and am looking forward to my box of them in the future.

I will take a couple of pictures in the near future and post those.


  1. I was shocked at the amount of abuse a Bones mini could take. A friend left one at my house and I painted a little on it, bent it 180 degrees repeatedly, scratched at it with my fingernail aggressively and was unable to touch the paint job. Only grinding sand into it started etching paint away.

    Mold lines are different then GW, that's for sure. Scraping does nothing, and only light, quick strokes with a cheap emery board worked for me.

    1. Thanks for the info on the mold lines. They are not to bad in these models, very fine. I did not get any noticeable casting misalignment like I have in GW metal minis where sometimes there is like a mm offset which has to be shaped down.

  2. Thanks for the insight, looking forward to the pics.