Thursday, May 23, 2013

Testing GW Online Customer Service

So I along with many people have not been happy with GW's method of canceling specialist games.  No warning left many things unavailable by the time the rumors hit.  I made one order online and 3 of the 10 items I ordered ended up out of stock.  Now they sent me an email about a delay and I emailed and even called them.  They really showed that they had no idea what was in stock and they could not change the order after I made it to replace stuff with things that were in stock.  They just lowered the final bill.

I later ordered 3 more things that were list as 24 hours shipping but then they moved to 3-4 weeks and now they are not available.  My order is still just sitting there online saying that is being processed.  No emails, no nothing.  I am pretty sure that this order will just get cancelled out but I am waiting to see how long it actually takes for the system to figure out that they have not informed me or done anything about it in more than 1 week since the order.   I payed with paypal and they have not removed the money so I can just wait to see what happened.  Again had I know that these items were not available I might have ordered something else instead so they just miss out on money again.

I also ran into a problem with a Forgeworld order where I got a broken part in my shipment but in the 2 weeks it took to get from UK to US, the item became no longer available.  They replied to my email but it has been a couple of days now with no new updates on their solution for me.


  1. You are right, they have really mucked up the whole thing. Not telling your customers that you are cancelling the specialist games range is bad enough, but to not know what you have in stock in just bad business. Hopefully they will sort your order out soon.

    1. Took over a month from order to ship but they shipped it to me. Unfortunately on rhino was missing and they could not replace the blister so they credited me for that blister.

  2. i agree they are getting worse. I recently sent an email to Forge World asking for the dimensions of one of their products so i could work out if it would work in one of my conversions. i said that if it did i would be buying several.
    three weeks later, i have heard nothing from them. it would have taken someone 5 mins to measure, and they have lost themselves about £80.

  3. I order regularly at MailOrder and Forgeworld. Both are rubbish.

    MO: Ordered, waited, received no info and got only half my order or less.

    Forgeworld: Ordered several time, received some miscast parts, made photos and wrote mails. Never got any response OR replacement parts.

    But they got the monopol, you can´t get the stuff somewhere else. So we have to deal with it -.-



    1. I had a problem with some forgeworld stuff they did reply to my email and said they sent me replacements but those never arrived so they ended up refunding me.