Thursday, May 30, 2013

Epic Space Marine Battle Company Sprue

Recently picked up the Epic Space Marine Battle Company box to add some more assault marines to my epic forces.  My previous marine are from over 20 years ago so the contents of the box is different but some how the models that are there are exactly the same.  You get 4 identical sprues and the approprate number of long bases.  Here is the current sprue:

You get 24 Bolter Marines, 10 Assault Marines, and 6 Heavy weapon marines.  No sergeants, captains, terminators, or anything really interesting.  With the 4 sprues that makes 96 Bolters, 40 Assault Marines, and 24 Heavy Weapons.  The assault marines for up into 8 stands of 5 marines which forms 2 formations of 4 stands each.  Now the heavy and bolter marines have more flexability.  Now 1 heavy and 4 bolters on a stand would match the tactical stand description  and allow you to form 4 units of 6 stands but Epic is not as much WYSIWYG game as 40K.  Devastators have 2 heavys per stand so you can make 12 devastator stands for 3 formations of 4 stands then 2 formations of tactical squads that have no heavy weapon models but still get to have a heavy weapon in the rules.  This just makes it very clear what a tactical and devastator stand is.  

For my beakies I used 1 heavy per devastator and none on tactical but I was try to stretch the heavies between 2 armies and now I have 24 more so I can add more if I want to.

Here is the close up of the 3 different models on the sprue.


  1. Nice, that gives you a lot of options. I just came across five sprues of the old type the ones with the bike, speeders termies.

  2. I have the box set of those which had 10 sprues which gives you more than enough to make formations of speeders, bikes, and terminators. The 5 pack only has half the termis you need currently for a formation though.

  3. This is probably the 4th generation of the plastic epic marines.

    Original Space Marine Box had eaky bolter marines and rhinos
    Then the Box with 10 then 5 sprues with lots of troops and bikes and landspeeders.
    Then the Epic 40K box which had more characters like techmarines and scouts but no landspeeders.
    Then the one shown above.