Friday, June 7, 2013

On the Road Game Store Review: Sentry Box Calgary

So this past week on was on the road for work.  I ended up in Calgary for a few days and when I go to a town I try to stop by a game store or two.  Usually I am trying to find clearance bins to go through looking for old stuff, but this time I was just looking for some specialist games stuff even at full retail since I could not even get the stuff from GW anymore.

On this trip to Calgary, I stopped at the Sentry Box.  Now if you are looking for a game store with an awesome selection this is definitely the place.  GW stuff appeared to be a list Canadian price which makes it extra expensive compared to the states but they seemed to have everything.  In terms of specialist games they are better stocked than any game store I have ever seen.  Blood Bowl had a 6 ft by 3 ft display rack.  Epic and BFG a similar amount of space.  Now I am sure that there selection will be diminished as time progresses it seems to me that you could still go in and buy what you need to get started with any teams or armies.  They even still had blister packs that GW has not made in years which allowed you to complete blood bowl teams for like 20 for the 4 other players as opposed to like 8 dollars each.

The stock was not just old left overs from the grand days of Blood Bowl and other specialist games.  Most of the things were in the current white citadel direct blisters so they have been stocking these direct only things for their customers.  I think they do online sales so if you are in Canada and looking for GW stuff that GW North America no longer sells, you should check them out.


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  2. Disregard that last ... I unknowingly followed a link to the Australia version of the site.

  3. I noted in a post a couple of weeks ago about how GW Direct Down Under had tons of stuff still since no one can stomach the prices. They should just ship it to the US to sell.