Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Classic Epic Eldar War Host Box

This box set is a pretty old one that I got still shrink wrapped.  It come with 5 sprues and square bases designed in the early 90's.  It is a repack of any earlier release that have 10 sprues.  This would be the MkII eldar sprue as the original one had just guardians and falcons in it.  This set contains more types of models than the current sprue.

You can see on the back of the box that 19 different models are part of the sprue.

Here it is.  Lots of different models but not many of each in the box.
Starting at the top left: Howling Banshee, Farseer, Banner, Artillery Crew, Dark Reaper, Autrauch, Wraithguard, Autrauch, Wraithguard.
Next Row: Guardian, Guardian, Jet Bike, Ranger, Guardian, Jet Bike, Ranger, Guardian with Heavy Weapon.
3rd Row: Jetbike, Guardian, Guardian, Support Weapon, Vyper, Heavy Weapon. 
Bottom Row: Dire Avenger, Striking Scorpian, Swooping Hawk, Fire Dragon, Harlequin, Dire Avenger, Striking Scorpian, Swooping Hawk, Fire Dragon, Harlequin.

Closer views of the upper left corner.

Upper Right Corner

Lower Right Corner.  These are the useful models not found in the current product.  You get both the anti grav heavy weapon platform and the support weapon platform.  In the current rules, support weapons are added to gaurdian formations in groups of 3 so I have one set and 2 extra but I also have some metal ones.  The Heavy weapons replace gaurdians up to 3 per formation so those can be useful in any number but you probably want to do the full replace as guardians normally have no ranged attacks only firefight.

This section also has the Dire Avenger, Fire Dragon, and Harlies which are not in the current sprue.  Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons were up until recently sold as metals with enough models between(40 20 of each) to be 1 Aspect Formation.  I do not have those but I do have 3 different types of guardian models which might change into Aspect warriors with the proper paint colors.  Harlies are not in the current rules but might be used to represet an Extrach.

Lower Left Corner.


  1. Good to see them, i just picked one up, as well as a squat and old guard box. Not an Eldar player but I can appreciate the detail and amount of different models you get. I feel they will become a lot harder to find now sadly.

  2. I never had any guard stuff but that first guard box with 10 sprues covered with stuff has got to be good.