Friday, August 16, 2013

Are New Space Marines Enough to Bring Me Back?

So like anyone who still follows the 40k scene, I have seen the pics and rules leaked for the upcoming Codex Space Marines.  Now I have not bought anything for 40K since the Nid codex came out as a disappointment.  GW still got some money for specialist games but nothing for any of the mainline stuff.  I packed it up and have not really looked for a game in quite a while.  So 6th edition has been here for a year and my primary army is getting an update.  Is it enough to get me off the sidelines?

Probably not.  First issue is rules cost, ~ 60 dollars for the Codex and 75 for the main rules will certainly hold me back.  Just to start playing the game again I am out 125+ dollars.  There is a think about throwing good money after bad.  People have said that the new Codex format is worth the 100% price increase but at the rate they are updating these now what used to be a 6-8 year purchase is probably down to like 4.  After that time is up and it is obsolete it is like 5 dollars.  Second, the new power armored models would be nice to add in to my force but I would probably buy the Sternguard, Vanguard, and Tac squad boxes and mix them all up but I still have unbuilt marines from several years ago and have like 150 power armor marines already.  Do I need to spend 130 dollars for another 20?  The non-power armor units do not really bring me in.  I am like most people who think the Armor on Armor models generally look stupid.  The new tank is interesting but at higher than 60 dollars and no Interceptor rule to help limit flyers alpha striking it makes the Hunter less interesting to me and the Stalker which is probably the better build looks like a bunny rabbit head.

So I will let it go by.  I will watch Nids but probably let them go by also as I never even updated my forces with the new Tyrant, Trygon, and Tyrannofex kits.  More new kits just puts it more in the rear view.


  1. if you have an Ebay account buy a copy of Dark Vengeance, keep the mini rule book and sell the rest. You'll easily cover your money, effectively getting the rules for free.

  2. That might lower the cost but by the time you pay ebay all the fees you might be better off just trying to get a minirule book there instead. I had a set of black reach orks listed on my for sale page at like 24 dollars for two years before they sold.