Monday, August 19, 2013

X-Wing Miniatures Meet Lego Corellian Corvette

One of the first Lego Star Wars sets I got a couple of years ago when I got interested in Legos again due to my kids starting to be the right age was the Corellian Corvette, Tantive IV.  This set has some minifigure play features but it is not minifigure scale.  When I first heard about the X-Wing Miniature games one of the things that held me back was that I have a ton of Lego Star Wars ships which are like 10 or more times bigger that I got for maybe twice the prices that the X-Wing ships go for.  I see that you also get cards and card stock pieces so that can add to the price to make it better a little more understandable.  Now the minifigure scale star fighters are way to big to use for the game unless you are using a open gym or conference center floor but I was wondering about my Lego Tantive IV.

The game lists the scale 1/270 and I get a measured scale 1/288 at 52 cm for the Lego Tantive IV version of the Corellian Corvette.  It would need to be 55 cm long to be exactly at scale but it is within 5% which is very good.   Better than the Kenner/Hasbro model people have been using.  It is certainly a playable size that can be moved and positioned on a board that is say 6 by 6.

Now if you wanted a Star Destroyer in this scale it would be 6 m long so you will essentially having to play with it static in a very large room.

As a note, this post was written before FFG announced that they were releasing a Corvette at Gencon.  This lego set is no longer in print and the price point for the FFG model is significantly less than what this can be had for even if that one is scaled 30% smaller for costs and playability reasons I would guess.

Here is an update showing the Lego vs FFG models for comparison.  Like a mommy and baby.

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