Wednesday, September 4, 2013

X-Wing: Mirror Matches and Fixed Lists

I remember a couple of years ago, WargamesCon had an idea of using fixed list mirror matches in a 40K event to try to separate the tactical skills (on the table) from the strategic skills (in the list) plus remove the affect of the poor intercodex balance in 40K.  This has some problems in 40K due to the nature of the hobby elements where people take a great deal of pride in their armies.  Hand built and painted minis with meaning to the owner are sort of harder to let go off and not bring.  Plus the cost of a 1500 point army just to build for a specific event is a little high at say 200+ dollars plus hours of labor.

The X-Wing miniatures game does not have either of these issues.  Your standard list range from say 60 to 100 dollars and given the really finite number of ships available both currently and in the universe most players will probably have a significant portion of any list chosen to start.  Now much of the variety in X-Wing appears in all the pilots and cards but since those come with the ships you know people will have a certain set if they can build the force available the event list. Would the event be fun without the list building elements or will it get boring before all the rounds are complete?  Not sure.

There is also a good possibility for fixed list missions.  I remember back when I played Battletech as a kid that some of the books would come with essentially historically missions where it listed the exact mechs, their current conditions, and terrain placement.  Since the mechs and terrain were cardstock it was easy to set these up and play.  In X-Wing some of these types of events can be taken from the movies (Say 4 Ties vs the Falcon or 3 X-Yings with a Tie Advanced and 2 Tie Fighters on their tails) and other can just be generated.  These type of missions will probably be limited by the number of different victory conditions that can be generated for the space combat game.  Using Asymmetric victory conditions also allows for unbalanced lists for these type of missions.  The two new big ships due out next year work with this since neither of those are going to standard 100 point list ships since one is not even really armed.  I am interested in seeing what they have included for mission ideas.

Remember the saying. You go to war with the army you have not the army you want.

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