Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Top Five Space Marine Models

In honor of the new Space Marine codex release, I decided to go back and look at my favorite Space Marine Models I have built.

First off we have my Terminator Apothecary.  This was from before GW had this as ready made option in the Deathwing terminator box.

Next we have my powerfist and shotgun space marine scout sergeant.  Nothing really fancy just every piece coming together just right to get a cool looking mini.

Here we have my Mk IV Space Marine Honor Guard Model.  This guy has a sheathed power weapon.  You will find that they have added a very similar positioning to the new Sternguard box.

This is my Belial model with dual lightening claws.  Not even sure if this is even an allowed combination now but I still really think the model turned out well.  Also some more pics of his back in this post.

Lastly we have my Bannerman from my Honor Guard unit.  Another very basic build where it is all about the right pieces.  I have a whole write up about building honor guard units here.  I think the new Sternguard box would be a good starting point for the unit now that was not there before we I made up mine.

Update: Honorable Mention from Mik for:

 Shroud of the Dead Honor Guard.  I really like most of my honor guard models so I had a tough time choosing. 


  1. Great minis, and it's your own opinion and all but I disagree!

    Your Shroud of the Dead Honor Guard needs to be in this bunch for sure, that's one of the cooler marines I've seen period, not just on your site.

    1. Added him as an honorable mention for you. I would like to get some of the new kits to build some new creations but with the prices and my not liking the direction they took 6th so playing less than the rarely I used to no real point. ~ 160 power armor marines is really all you need right. If I added the new tac, stern, and vanguard boxes (130 dollars worth) I could probably get a complete first company and battle company without rhinos though.

    2. Heh, thanks! He really is a good looking fig. I love, love, love kitbashing Space Marines from parts I just haven't enjoyed the rules in a long time; but there's plenty of sci-fi rules out there to breath new life into old marines!

      Your MkIV and your scout here are also a couple of my faves too.

  2. The scout sergeant with shotgun was a good choice. That is a solid model. I've always been partial to the Space Marine shotguns, too bad their stats don't reflect their aesthetic.

    1. Thanks, I bought a whole scout bike to get the shotgun bit, I had planned on using the bike chasis for a custom jetbike for a Khan character but I started adding up the cost for a new bike army and decided against it as they were running like 145 dollars a bike unit and I was not playing enough to justify like 600 dollars of 40k stuff.