Friday, October 4, 2013

Blood Bowl Human Team

Here we have the newer Human Blood Bowl Team produced by GW. The copyright stamps on the bottoms say 2004 so they are about a decade old now. Most recently (until April) they were sold for 60 dollars and have 16 team members making them similar in price to the 12 man team for 40 with the 20 dollar 4 man booster that many of the teams were available as during the middle of the last decade.  The team looks pretty good if you like the GW spike motif.  I had not picked up the team before since I did not really play humans much and already had the 2nd ed monopose plastics, the 3rd ed starter plastics, and a 2nd ed partial metal team that I was filling in.  With the end of GW metal production I decided to pick them up since they are pretty interesting looking.

The team comes with 2 throwers. You can see a fair amount of flash and venting. These are new models ordered a few months ago and have not been cleaned up yet.

Here we have the 4 blitzers that come with the team. I am guessing they are the blitzers since they are in a more running pose than the other models. This is the max number you can field and you want to field them all as the team grows to fill the roster so this team was built the rules in mind.

You also get 4 catchers which is also the max allowed in the roster. Not sure if you really want to have 4 catchers due to their weak strength and armor values. Might leave one at home on the shelf to free up a roster spot for a big guy.  Or you can expect 1 of them to be injured every game and fill the roster spot with a star player.

That leaves 6 lineman to fill out the 16 man team. You will notice that all the models are different which is good since most of the modern teams generally top out at 8-10 unique models so you almost always have doubles in the full roster.

The set also included extra spikes. GW loves the spikes. Not exactly sure if these go on the models or what. They also include 2 metal balls which is nice since people make custom pitches and use alternative block dice so a spare ball is helpful.

Adding in Zug for Completeness as he is more in the style of this team.


  1. I quite like these figs too, but never bought them. I'd pick them up for sure if i saw them going cheap

  2. I have never seen this team going really cheap. Below list is common but not really cheap as it was not in production for 20 years like many of the teams.

  3. Where can I get this team now? nothing on Ebay

    1. Not really sure. I got mine from GW Direct at full retail about a year before they stopped specialist games production. Pretty much ebay or one of the trade site like Dakka Swapshop, Bartertown, or on talk fantasy football.

      Patience and money are about the only option since GW burned down the Specialist Games range for essentially no reason. Well not really no reason but I think it was a fall out of their production consolidation from 1 facility in the US and 1 in the UK to just a single production group in the UK.

  4. Hi
    I am looking to purchase this team on ebay
    I am also searching how tall they are. I'd like to know what is the size up to the eyes for instance of the thrower
    Thank you

    1. They are not currently accessible but they are standard slotta bases so I would just take a ruler to the pictures and compare the height to the base width.above (or download then and old them into paint and read a line length over those distances)