Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Epic Lucius Warlord Titan

Here we have one of the Big Boys in the Epic playground,  the Warlord Titan.  This one is Lucius pattern and matches the styles seem in the forgeworld Reaver and Warhounds that I have in my collection.  Add in the thunderbolt fighters for anti air and maybe some sentinels and you have a whole 3000 point Titan Legion list.

Inside the box is a whole mess of little metal bits.

Here are the legs, feet, hips.

I was suprised that the torso is actually made up of three parts so is hollow on the inside.  I had expected it to be pretty much a single solid piece.

Armanement is the Volcano Cannon and Gatling blaster plus the two turbolaser destructors.

Assorted parts including head.

Here we can see the head compared to a eldar guardian model.  You can see that this model is really not in scale.  Similar to the new X-wing big ships due out next year the scale is more logarithmic than linear.


  1. I'm not as big a fan of this version of the warlord as I am of the original plastics, although it definitely trumps the late '90s metal kit. Individual parts are very interesting though, and the design as a whole seems relatively well thought out.

    I think I like the old beetle-style caparace because it's ever so slightly weird - it bucks the classic expectation that giant walking machines will look more mechanically angular rather than biologically rounded. There's a mystery in the less obvious sense some of the older models make, as if we just need to open the mind a little more.

    It's great to have the variants of course, for the natural variety there would be in a big galaxy. The fact that by the end of the period of GW's official support there were two styles across warlord, reaver and warhound is great. Steel Crown look to be giving us another fine set of counts-as with their behemoths, and more of a blend of styles.

    Are you thinking of building that force? There's a great titan legion list for E:A at Tactical Command.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I always wanted some of the beetle back warlords as my first issue of WD I got had them on the cover. Just never got any and have not really been searching currently.