Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plastic Legions has pretty Harsh Review of Reaper Kickstarter.

John over at Plastic Legions has a pretty harsh review of the new reaper kickstarter but it is worth a read.  He is a little more down on the Bones material than I am but he does have a bunch of the same models in metal so he can really speak to the detail loss in ways that I cannot.  He wonders who is putting down for this new one but I am not really surprised that it has reach its current nearly 900K in like 12 hours.  Last one had about 20K backers in the end so even if you get only half of them back it is still in the 1M just at the core.  I do not think it can hold this pace as it would be at like 48M by the end but I would not be surprised if they met or exceeded their haul from last time as people (like me) can be suckers for big piles of minis for 100 dollars.  Currently they are at like 122 minis in the core set for 100 dollars.  So you need to like about 40 or 33% for the buy to be worth it.  Not there yet but it is only the first day.  Not very many of the add ons are interesting me so that is good.

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