Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reaper Bones Kickstarter II

Reaper launched their second bones kickstarter today.  As of my lunch time they were at about half a million in pledges.  They have admitted that shipping this time will be much later listing the shipping as 1 year out.  So you will be giving them your money about the end of october to get your minis next year in time for christmas.  I left them a question about how they were going to improve the quality of the minis and deliver 100% of the models with noses.  They did a nice job replacing models people complained about but many of those replacements had the exact same problem since it was something either in the plastic flow in the mold structure or the actual mold not having the details.

Not sure myself.  I will wait to see how it progresses to see if I want to throw in but they have set up delivery based on how early you pledge so I am probably pushing myself back in 2015 with my reluctance when they finally break me.  I am a fan of big piles of minis but do like them to have noses and fingers and such fine details.  My final review of my Kickstarter bones is that they are a great value but most are not really great minis. 

Update: Reaper Responded to my question about having a plan to make sure that all the molds could produce models with noses:

Reaper Miniatures says:
That's a big question I don't have time for a long answer to at this moment. Sorry.

I told them that they should have had an answer ready for that question and directed them to:

You should check out some of his other bones posts if you are thinking about pledging where he does metal/bones head to head.  Bones is not metal or resin but at 33% to 16% the cost that can be ok. I was hoping to get a little better response like:

We investigated the issue and have a plan already in place to avoid the problem for this release.

I did not expect them to tell me all the details about how the sausage is made and who put in the almost rotten meat with spices to hid it.  Just an acknowledgement that the quality for every mini in the last kickstarter was not up to their standards and they will do better this time.  No alien Cowgirls or already zombied zombie hunters.

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