Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reaper Bones Bone Giant

Here is another photo set on the Reaper Bones models this time looking at the Bone Giant.  Trying to get some more of these done before the second kickstarter ends this weekend.  This model is very characterful with tons of little things to see.  The current price is 14.99 and it stands 12 cm tall.  His hammer is really a tombstone, lots of places where the bones are braced, and the dangling heads on the belt.  The Bone Giant is 4 part base/legs, torso/head, and the 2 arms with weapons.  Mine has a noticable backwards lean.  Not sure if this is the design or the classic Bones bend.

Skull looks fine.  Ofcourse not sure what to do about the lower jaw since their should be nothing there in a skeleton.

Here we can see some of the wrappings on the legs and the joint between the legs and the torso.  The details in the picture are more washed out than the model but I did some contrast work to help bring them up.

You can see the shoulder blades and a sword stuck into the ribcage.  Overall very characterful and one of the better Bones models. 

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