Friday, October 25, 2013

What's with the Expansions for Reaper's Kickstarter?

So the current Reaper Bones II Kickstarter has one 100 dollar core set, and currently 3 expansions at 50 dollars plus individual add ons in the 10-20 dollar range.  I have written in the past that I did not expect the kickstarter to deliver the same 200+ models at the base level since Reaper really did not make much money on that last time.  Probably without certain add ons whose kickstarter price turned out to be essentially the retail price they probably would have not had the 52K left in profit they reported (ingoring accounting questions relating to capital equipment or cost of online store stock).

Given that they do want to get as many minis sold and converted to Bones as possible they have the 50 dollar expansion fit into this.  The first one was filled in pretty quickly to have a reasonable value if you like enough of the minis.  I do not care for most of them so it is a pass for me. The Dragon is OK and the only models that really stands out to me are the Egyptians, Ice Troll, and Wights.  There is good value here with 7 larger models and 31 or so smaller ones.  So about 1.25 each but given how they price options if these were seperate they would probably add up to about 80-90 dollars in the kickstarter so about 150 retail.

The other two expansions are still in the funding process of groups of components.

Expansion 2 is still fantasy and has some mounted models, some winged models, some purple models and is currently working on a collection of larger models.  These models look more interesting to me but not at 50 dollars yet but as the kickstarter is coming to a close I am not sure if much more is going to be added.

One is sci fi and has some terrain and then some aliens.  While I would like some of the terrain, the aliens hold no interest.  

But even if reaper does not sell that many of the expansion sets they have added those models which are not available individual or small groups in the kickstarer to the Bones line.  Bones fans who pledged in the kickstarter still will have items they may have liked but not gotten.  Since the discounts are not as high on those sets then you might still go buy them at retail as compared to the options that if you do not get now you are unlikely to buy later.  I would like one of the Chtulu from the last kickstarter but given that I could have gotten it for 10, I am not that interested in the higher price when I bought some sets that essentially turned out to be at retail.

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