Friday, October 18, 2013

Reaper Bones Demon

This is one of the Reaper Bones Demons from the first kickstarter.  It was a optional buy with another demon and one of my favorites of the ones I got.  I currently goes for 12.99 dollars which is about twice the kickstarter price but still pretty reasonable price.  There are 6 parts: Body, Wings, Tail, Head, and two forearms and weapons.  The wing span is 22 cm and the height to the top of the head is about 5 cm.  Lets zoom in for a closer look. 

The details on the model are pretty good and mine did not seem to suffer from to much of the warped weapon problems so common to many of the bones line.

The built model has to much depth to really get good in focus shots but the still it shows some of the details.

The tail splits into two near the ground.  This might help balance this fairly large model.

This model turned out really well.  Any lose of detail is not drastic enough to really notice just like how nurgle models in finecast always look fine.   This model is similar but maybe slightly smaller than GW demon prices and for only 12 dollars might not be a bad replacement model.

The new kickstarter has a selection of demons and devils as options but I do not think I like any of those models as much as this one.  Many of the designs are copies of classic D&D versions which often looked pretty stupid.


  1. I agree about the old demons being better than the ones from Bones #2, but personally I preferred the other Demon model that came with this one - the hugging pose on this guy took away from it somewhat for me.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I ofcourse have that one also but I for some reason like this one better. Not sure exactly why maybe it is the skin texture of exposed muscle on the other one.