Thursday, October 17, 2013

Epic Squat Overlord Airship

Back with another look at an Epic model.  This time from my Squat collection.  We have the overlord airship.  Normally I show all the parts but this one is assembled and not in need of stripping so it is staying together.  We can see this model is essentially an blimp/zeppelin with thrusters and some big cannons.  There are currently no official squat lists for Epic Armageddon but in one of the unofficial ones this ship used to have Anti Air abilities which was handy since Squats are very weak in anti air.  The major anti air unit is a non mechanized anti air gun which are really pricey on ebay.  You could probably sub a forgeworld anti air battery (stationary hydra) but those are OOP now also.

You can see here on the bottom that the airship also sports some bomb weapons.  Hole for mounting the clear plastic floating base can be seen in the middle.

With this angle you can better see how parts come together where there is a top and bottom and the guns on each side are an additional parts for 4 parts total to the model.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for all these images of the old Epic Sqaut vehicles - I'm working on a scratchbuild of a few of them, and these images have been extremely useful.