Friday, October 25, 2013

Reaper Bones Spider Demoness

As the second Reaper Bones Kickstarter closes in 24 hours at Saturday 7 PM Eastern, it is time for a quick look at another one of the Reaper Bones models from the first kickstarter.  This is the large Spider Demoness that was part of the spider centaur (Drider) group.  She is currently priced at 7.99 and stands  about 5.5 cm tall with legs spreading out to 9 cm width.  She is quite a bit bigger than man size and hence would be a stand in for Lolth or other major baddie as opposed to work a day driders.  This model is 4 parts head/torso/arms, legs, upper back half, and lower back half.

Details are reasonable but there is a big gap in the back that probably require some green stuff to look proper.  The legs are a denser plastic to help hold up the body. There are some of the dragons that I have heard have problems due to bendy plastics causing tipping but this model stands just fine on its legs.

As the kickstarter closes I will drop back on the Reaper stuff.  I still have some models to show from the first kickstarter but will hold those for later and get back to the regularly scheduled Blood Bowl, Epic, Lego, and X-wing coverage.

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