Monday, October 21, 2013

Victoria Lamb Paints and Reviews a Reaper Bones Miniature

My Photo of a Bones as I try not to steal images

Reaper's Second Bones Kickstarter is into its last week so a good time to finish up some Reaper Bones coverage.  I have mentioned my opinions on Bones in the past that they are a good value and that many of the monsters look great but if you want the opinion of a real expert miniature painter as opposed to a miniature hoarder like me check out Victoria Lambs review of one of the Orc models.

The jist of her review is that the for competition painting metal is better but for gaming or basic display bones can be very good and excellent options for practicing or learning to paint.

On a side note I am working on a probability calculator for X-Wing and am looking for events to compare to give people information about the odds which are not a straight forward as those in traditional Math Hammer.

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  1. A neat material to say the least. I did the "bend and squish" test when I first meet one, but haven't had the chance to try painting. Victoria Lamb's review is supportive enough. Maybe it is a good material option.