Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reaper Bones Kickstarter II Core Set Status

This is the current rewards for the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter at the Core 100 dollar level.

There are currently 152 minis in the set which is down quite a bit from the first kickstarter.  I am not surprised by this.  Reaper and many gaming companies are using kickstarter as a presale mechanism and if the discounts are too good it really depresses profit margins and can hurt the follow on sales of the products.  This kickstarter has the opposite backing trend than the first which built up very slowly then raced home to its 3.4 M total while this jumped out to a huge initial amount based I am guessing on expectations not what was currently shown since the earlier you pledge the earlier you get your shipment.

I have notice early backers dropping recently.  .Not a ton but if you have not pledged and think you might you could still get an early ship date if you watch for someone to drop.  The drops are probably more likely to be foreign backers since Reaper is both charging full shipping and reporting the full pledge amount for custom purposes which can drastically increase the cost for certain countries.

Of the 152 minis listed currently I break them down into 32 small, 51 normal size pc type, 62 normal size monster types, and 7 slightly larger models (Orge sized not Giants sized).  My estimate of retail for this lot is currently about 300 dollars which is about half of the 600 from the final tally of the first kickstarter.  Still a solid discount but not the same value.  Given that GW prices its single pose plastics at like 20 dollars and this are coming in at about 75 cents might on the kickstarter and maybe 2-4 dollars retail they are not a bad place to look for an extra character or two for your WFB armies or models for skirmish games.

People who pledged in the first day might be disappointed by this nearing final haul and might continue to drop.  Over Sunday night the new people pledging was over come by the people dropping.  After getting the first kickstarter minis, I thought it might have been better to get fewer minis if the quality on all of them was the best Bones could provide which they weren't.  Reaper left themselves a lot more time so hopefully the quality of the molds will be better checked this time.  All told not to bad a haul of random mainly fantasy stuff for 100 dollars plus shipping for those outside the USA.  I see about 40 minis in there that I like which gets me pretty close to the same retail cost as the pledge and essentially get the other 100+ free.

Later in the week I will look at where the options and expansions stand to see if there is anything good there,

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