Monday, November 4, 2013

Epic Eldar Warlock Titan

Today we are checking out the set for the Epic Eldar Warlock Titan.  This was part of the last batch of Epic stuff GW produced but as this kit is over 20 years old there are many floating out there on Ebay for bargain hunters with the time available to shop constantly for stuff.  The wonders of metal and plastic miniatures is that they pretty much last forever even with stored poorly.  Sure the paint might scratch and you can break it sometimes but most of the models made are still out there somewhere in someones garage or attic.

So there are 11 parts for the model plus the base.

Here is the torso close up.  Not sure what is going on in the arm pit area.  Not sure if this is a casting issue or how the design is made.

The head is pretty detailed and sort of weird looking but it is supposed to be an alien.  Lots of venting to clean up here.

The two are the shoulder mounted field generators.  I appear to have gotten two of the same but there is also another version which has a small cannon like projection.

The upper arms mount to the torse with the big curve and then have the lower arms inserted in the smaller hole.

The legs are a single piece which limits options for easily posing the model but you can put some angle on the feet.

Here are the weapons from the package.  You get a Psychic lance and a powerfist.  The eldar titan lists allows for older weapons but these are the standard armenent for the Titan as a support unit for normal eldar lists.  This model uses up about 1/3 rd of the points in a standard 3000 point game  and puts you in an activation hole but packs a punch with Anti Air, Titan Killer Close Combat, and a Barrage weapon.


  1. Another cool classic model. I have a few of these in the "Closet of Doom" somewhere.

    1. As always, Thanks for reading and commenting. I like the eldar titans but they still look just like they did when I first started playing in epic scale like 20+ years ago. Need to get a Phantom off of ebay some time though.