Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Epic Squat Colossus

Here we have a very old model,  an Epic Squat Colossus.  This is one of the Squat war engines as they do not have titans.  The price out a little less than two scout titans if I remember correctly.  The Colossus is made up of 11 parts with many cannons and missiles.  I have 2 of these but one is missing a few of the small side cannons.  I will need to either model this as battle damage or convert something for this spot.

The model assembles pretty easily and still looks to be carrying around some ridiculous looking cannons.  Looking at the bore of the barrels you would only be able to carry a couple of shells that size in the Colossus.

The Colossus also comes with an Iron Eagle Spotter which is supposed to land on the pad on the back of the Colossus.

Both models together.

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  1. Now this is good, wholesome, classic, goodness here. Love the old Squat Epic stuff. Wish they had kept them around…..

  2. Man, I love these old Squat models. It's a shame you can't find more images of the originals, especially the Colossus.

    1. The prices for the models are pretty high on ebay currently. I have 2 of these but none of the other ones. I do not normally use other peoples pictures on my blog. I add so little to the world with it at least I can use my one pictures.