Monday, November 18, 2013

5th anniversary Giveaway Prize Option: W40K Tactical Squad Upgrade Bits

Another option for a prize in the giveaway is this small packet of space marine bits.  We get the 3 classic special weapons plus a combi plasma and 2 missile launchers with arms.  People still like missiles for the basic marines so here you can get two to add to your army for free.  I try to sell some bits in my bargain bin but it just never works out.  People really expect to be able to get them cheap so here is your chance nothing is cheaper than free.
There are going to be 5 winners for the giveaway picking from a pool of 10-15 small prizes so everyone can hopefully find something interesting.

For your first entry just find a blog post by me with no comments and add one.  It is that easy.  There are about 200 hundred or so of those posts.  For full entry details check out the announcement.


  1. That's a decent prize for your anniversary giveaway. Count me in!

    Congratulations on five years!

    1. Good luck. I am trying to pull excess stuff from across my inventory so that anyone can find something they are interested it.