Thursday, November 14, 2013

X-Wing: Tie Advanced

Another bunch of photos of an X-Wing miniature for you today.  This is the tie advanced or as many people know it Vader's Special Tie Fighter from the original Star Wars movie.  Remember, starting with Episode IV is just good parenting.

The Tie advanced added shields and hyperdrive capabilities to the basic tie foot print.  Shields have a definite function in the game while hyperdrives have not been used yet.

It is longer but not nearly as tall as the traditional tie fighter.

The raised area in the back there holds the hyperdrive components.

The stats on the card are 2,3,3,2 which means you shoot and dodge like a Tie fighter but have shields like an X-wing.  The prices for the tie advanced are similar to X-Wings but a more defensive ship.  The action bar is just packed with stuff and all the ships allow for missiles to be added.  Since your base attack dice are only 2 the missiles can be a big increase not to mention any additional affects like 2 attacks or such compared to something like the Falcon which when piloted by the named pilots start with 3 attack dice.  This is something to remember when building your lists that the upgrades have flat costs but are better on certain ships.  Both the X-wing and the Y-wing can have torpedoes but the Y-wing starts with one lower base attack so the 4 dice in the attack is a better improvement for them.

The non vader veteran looks interesting as he can pick his critical damage out of three when he crits someone but ofcourse only 2 attack dice limit how often you will use this.  Also Target Lock which he has is better foe generating criticals than only focus available to normal Tie fighters.

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