Tuesday, December 3, 2013

5th Anniversary Giveaway: Double Your Prize Picks

So like a Kickstarter, I have decided to increase my prizes for my 5th Anniversary Giveaway heading into the final week.  To review you can get 3 entries: 1 Entry for commenting on an uncommented Post here at Sons of Twilight, 1 Entry for commenting on another gaming blog post(not your own blog) with no comments published before November 2013, and 1 Entry for a blog post on your blog advertising this giveaway.

There will be 5 winners and I have decided anyone who wins who both commented on my Blog and the another (IE got those 2 entries) can pick 2 prizes from the pool.  So not only do you increase you chances of winning by the multiple entries but your prize pay out will be doubled.  Pretty sweet deal.  Prizes include WHFB minis, W40K Bitz, Blood Bowl Minis, and Chainmail Minis which are shown at the bottom of the announcement post.  I have a couple of more prizes to put up so keep your eyes open to see if there is anything you might want.

Originally I asked people to include a Sons of Twilight statement in the comment posted on another site but I am relaxing that.  So now you just have to go find an uncommented post on any gaming blog now from November 2013 or before and add a meaningful comment.  Then drop me comment here with the link so I can go add my own.  Then you are eligible for double prizes.


  1. w00t!

    Can I maybe suggest you let each winner pick one prize first, then loop through again? I'm guessing that the 5th winner will feel a bit hard done by with 8 prizes gone already!

    1. Given that the entries have been so low and only 2 have done the dual comments not sure if it an issue.

      I was planning on having all the winners send me in an ordered list and then do it like a 1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1 type of order if everyone has the doubled prize bonus.