Sunday, November 10, 2013

Five Year Anniversary Contest Announcement

Sons of Twilight is approaching its five year anniversary of being a blog.  I have not been highly active over much of that time and the world of blogging has changed but I would like to mark the occasion.  So I will be giving away some minis on December 10, 2013.  Since it is 5 years there will be 5 winners.  The prizes will be announced as the contest proceeds but will generally be 1-2 minis or bits packet in the ~ 28 mm scale from a variety of the games I cover here (Blood Bowl, Chainmail, 40K, and WFB) .  I am think about 10 different prizes to choose from that the winners will select 1 in order of preference.  The contest starts now and last the one month to December 10, 2013.

How do you enter?  Easy, you have to leave a meaningful comment on a blog post on Sons of Twilight that currently has no comments (excluding this post).   There are tons of posts with no comments so you should have no problem getting this.  You can only earn one entry this way and I will reply to all the comments letting you know if it qualifies as meaningful to me.  The second way to earn an entry is to do your own blogpost advertizing this contest.  Put up the post and leave a comment on this page letting me know.  Finally the third way is to leave a comment on another gaming blog in a post with no comments (not your own blog) that was published before November 2013 where again I am looking for meaningful and just add at the end of the comment that it is sponsored by 5 years of Sons of Twilight.   Only 1 entry here also.  Leave a link to the comment here and I will add my own and log your comment.

So to sum up 5 winners: 1 entry for first comment on post on, 1 entry for advertizing in your own blogpost, and 1 entry for first comment on an older post on any other gaming blog.  3 Entries max per person.  The ordering of the winners for the prize pick will be determined by the quality of the comment you left on twilight40k for your entry.  Why entries for comments?  I do not think we leave enough.  I get about 300-400 hits per comment which seems pretty weak.  I have tried to increase the rates I leave comments on peoples posts to and will try to make sure that if I read a post and it has no comments that I will add one if I have anything meaningful to say provided the comment system is not google+.  I have a high opinion of my opinion so if I was interested enough to read a post I should be able to generate some response worth reading.  You should try this also not just for free stuff but to try to build the community up and support those bloggers who unlike BOLS (who get more comments than useful) are probably looking for feedback.

Prize Option One: Painted WFB Kroxigor

Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Star Player Duke Luther Von Hawkfire

Chainmail Dwarves

Blood Bowl Khemri Lineman

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Tactical Special and Heavy Weapons

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Metal Witch Elves

Blood Bowl High Elves

Teriminator Heavy Weapons 

Chainmail Humans

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Dwarf Troll Slayers

WHFB Lizardman Warriors

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Devastator Weapons

WHFB Dwarf Runesmith

WHFB Lizardman Skinks

Chainmail Dwarf Shock Trooper and Scorcher

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Dwarf Master Engineering 

Blood Bowl Nurgle Beastmen

Chainmail Stonechild and Dwarf Fighter

Warhammer Fantasy Battles White Dwarf Character

Warhammer 40K Space Marines Scout Bike


  1. here's part two:

  2. and part three:

  3. Congrats for the 5 year anniversary!
    Right now I don't have a blog of my own (but I do contribute to Merry Mayhem News), and I know it's not easy to be able to keep active (blog wise) every single day/week/whatever you first aimed for.
    One other thing, I really agree with your last two sentences of this post. If there's some post content you find useful or just like for whatever reason, why not make an small effort to write a couple of sentences underlining what you enjoyed, or maybe putting some questions about what you've seen or read?
    Not only you may learn a bit about what you've seen (or maybe get great ideas), but you also encourage ppl to keep up posting his stuff.

    Changing subject...
    Now, since there's some give-aways for your "5 year blog celebration", I've already comment in one of your posts (hopefully) without any comments, for a chance to a prize.

    And then made another post (mentioning you blog) in a different blog (a post also without any comment). Hopefully the owner will read it and allow it to be published...

  4. Welcome aboard. I pretty much have the whole month filled up will posts for prize options. Remember you can comment on any post with no comments. Like 52 of them in the last 100 so plenty of chances.

    I am sure Tristan will allow your post through unless he does not want the competition for the blood bowl prizes.

  5. Thanks for the welcome!

    By the way, Tristan already allowed the post.
    Either he doesn't mind the competition for the Blood Bowl prizes, or (like me) he hopes there will be plenty more BB prizes to chose from. ;)

    1. Tristan has been commenting here for almost as long as the blog has been around (comment 8 about 1 week after the start of the blog) so I figured he would be fine.

  6. fine blog, well worth a reding, thanks for the contest

    1. Thanks for the kind words but remember to enter you need to comment on a post without comments. Given that none of my recent posts have any it should not be a problem to find one.

  7. ...and the Blood Bowl prize pool keeps growing!

    1. Probably one more Blood Bowl option coming up.

  8. I am down for this, LET'S DO THIS THING!

    Congrats on the upcoming anniversary date, but to be fair, everywhere I go to leave a comment (going back years) I've already left one!

    1. Half the prize posts do not have comments. Actually most of the recent posts have no comments. Almost like my plan has backfired and decreased the comment rate. I have a post with 2500 page views that does not have any comments.

  9. Less than a week to 'anniversary day'!!

    13 prizes on the list so far!
    I wonder if there will be more Blood Bowl goodies for the lucky ones to pick up...

  10. So many delicious prizes….

    Grats on the anniversary man, 5 years of consistent blogging is a milestone.

  11. Happy birthday to your blog, and congrats to you for keeping it up with lots of interesting and inspirational projects and ideas!
    Fingers crossed we're all here 5y from now, celebration the 10th!

  12. I missed this while I was deployed in the Middle East. Congrats on the 5 year milestone - I always find something interesting here!