Friday, December 13, 2013

Lego Star Wars Planet Series: Bespin and Cloud Car

The Lego Star Wars Planet series has been through several series now.  Even though I am a serious Star Wars Lego fan, I have let most of them pass unpurchased even at minor discounts.  I got the Death Star from the first release since it was the Death Star.  This is my second Planet Series purchase Bespin and Cloud Car.  Set comes with Bespin, Cloud Car and Lobot minifigure.

Bespin itself is pretty unimpressive.  It actually happens to be pretty close in color to my kitchen counter.  Might be able to use it is some kind of MOC as a granite sphere for a sculpture.

But the stars of the show are Lobot and the Cloud Card.

Lobot, ofcourse, was Lando's right hand borg.  He is an interesting minifigure to get in the Planet set since he really is exclusive and new.  The last Lobot was in the Cloud car set quite a while ago back when Star Wars minifigures still had yellow faces.  That set is about a decade old now so not a common figure.  Most of the minifigures in the planet series are available in other sets at the time or recent past.

The head has essentially wrap around printing which is pretty good.

The cloud car also looks pretty good for a mini model.  The color is probably to bright of an orange but I do not remember specifically as I have never had any cloud car toys or models in the past.  While Lego has done a normal scale cloud car in the part, it is not a ship that is in regular rotation like many of the other who are released and released every couple of years.

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