Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lego Hobbit: Barrel Escape

Barrel Escape was a preview set released with the first movie since the scene does not appear until the second movie like the escape from mirkwood spiders.  You get 5 minifigures, the adjustable platform surround, and some accessories for the center of the room.

The minifigures are Bilbo, Oin, Gloin, Elf Guard, and Elf Chief.

Even though the dwarves have breads there chests still have detailed printing and full faces hidden under the beards.

Once again double sided faces and printing on the backs.  For people looking for minifigures for other things these are a wealth of designs here.

Here is where the elves enjoy their wine with a table and stools, wine cask, and weapons rack.

Here we have the walls and platforms straightened out.  One side starts with the spiral stairs which also appears in the Attack at Weathertop set.  This leads down to the jail cells.  Next we have the open wine area and the barrels to be returned.

The wine storage area is pretty basic with a tapped barrel and some wine bottles.

The jail has a break away back which is lever arm actuated.

Then load your dwarves in the barrels.

Pull the lever and away they go.  Not a bad set but it is a Toys R Us exclusive.  I got mine at a Lego store.  Probably after christmas I can assemble my forces to see if I got a whole set of the Company of Thorin to go with my complete fellowship.


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  2. Nice little set!
    Bilbo's hair looks really 'thematic'.
    I imagine that with the release of the 'Desolation of Smaug' there should be a few more Hobbit sets out, specially so close to Christmas.

    1. 4 new sets are out currently.

      Images of the fronts are shown here:

      Prices are listed here:

      I put 2 on one of my christmas lists.

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