Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dreamforge Leviathans Shipped in US: 84 Dollars

DreamForge Games has their Leviathans on sale for the next week to compete with the new GW kit.  They are priced at 75 dollars and shipping looks to be about 9 dollars in the contiential US.  Probably would not arrive to mid to late march.

The GW kit looks more gothic and does have more options with a weapon and face while this kit is very bare bones but at 25% less than a 20% discounter assuming free shipping for the 140 retail Knigth kit that might be fine for some people.  Adding in the arm option makes it similarly priced to a discounters knight but allows you to pick the arm.

Going forward for Dreamforge, I think the best thing would be try to beat the discounters price slightly and let you pick any two arms when you order the model.  Not sure how easy this would be based on the sprue design but would definite be a cool selling point.  Maybe at 100 dollars plus shipping.

I was looking at the instructions and the model goes together with screws in certain places instead of all glue.  This is supposed to allow the model to still move after assembly.  Not sure how you paint it in that case.  Probably prime and some dry brushing in those areas before assembly.

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